Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Mimas - The Worries

There is something in the mystical wonder of Iceland, Scandinavia and its northern cousins which inspires some of the world's most staggeringly beautiful post-rock. Mimas are a self proclaimed 'death indie' (read: post rock) band from Denmark and their debut LP, The Worries, was released through the phenomenal label, Big Scary Monsters, late last year.

The album is full of epic moments and instrumental twists and turns and flows, in general, seamlessly together to form an impressive and captivating post-rock album. However, to simply pigeon-hole Mimas would be immensely unfair, and although obvious comparisons with the likes of Sigur Ros are inevitable, especially given that their singer is Icelandic, Mimas have genuinely created quite a unique sound.

As with many Danish bands singing in English, the lyrics are predictably bizarre although Mimas' also come complete with morbid tendencies which can be a tad unsettling at first, simply because they are rather unexpected. (A particularly gruesome example being: Old men with their sticks/Smash the younger kids/Their Dad just stood and stared/With his girl's brains in his hair). The odd lyrics allow wild personal interpretations within Mimas' experimental dreamscape and also serve to carve out the necessary pop sensibilities underlying many of the songs.

Check out their myspace, which has a few tracks from their album and also a rather awesome cover of This Town Needs Guns' 26 is Dancier than 4.

The album can be bought from BSM's website for only £7!!!

Anyway, the point of this post is to tell you that they are touring with support from Shapes or, for us Glasgow-folk, Trapped in Kansas. Both excellent bands. Here's the (UK) tour dates:


13th - Oxford - The Cellar w/ Shapes
14th - Brighton - The Freebutt w/ On Histories of Rosenberg
15th - Reading - Rapturefest @ Facebar w/ all the other cool bands.


9th - Norwich - Norwich Arts Centre
10th - Leeds - Royal Park Cellars w/ Shapes
11th - Glasgow - The Captains Rest w/ Trapped In Kansas
12th - York - City Screen Basement w/ Shapes
13th - Sheffield - TBA w/ Shapes
14th - Birmingham - The Flapper w/ Shapes
15th - Nottingham - The Chameleon Arts Café w/ Shapes

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