Thursday, 27 August 2009

Post #3

Righty, well,, eh.

Since my last post, I went to see Blakfish and Mutiny On The Bounty at the 13th note in Glasgow.

It was...good. Blakfish are a mathy post-hardcore band signed to Big Scary Monsters. They released their debut LP, Champions, a little while ago following up upon their excellent EP, See You In Another City, which ain't on Spotify but will be on itunes and that.

Mutiny On The Bounty are in a similar musical boat as Blakfish but hail from Luxembourg! (Yay!) They have also recently released their debut LP, Danger Mouth, on, ahem, Big Scary Monsters.

(That wasn't a review)

I also went to see Inglorious Basterds which is a film that could not be made by anyone but Tarantino, in that it is absolutely ridiculous. I still don't know what to make of the film itself, I think it might lack something amongst the over-the-top revenge pornography, easy humour and Tarantino violence. Having said that, if you're willing to take it for what it is, it's quite well done and the soundtrack is awesome. SPOILER: I liked the contrast between the violence in Nation's Pride with Hitler laughing and the violence in the burning cinema with the Jewish girl laughing, thought that was pretty clever.

(That was more of a review)

In other news, I'm at the moment and itunes is refusing to recognise my This Town Needs Guns (who are on tour soon with Tubelord!!!! though Jocasta Sleeps for Glasgow I think) album and look what I found in the internetz and then wrote a paragraph about:

Needless to say with bands such as Grammatics, Pulled Apart By Horses, Wintermute, Rolo Tomassi and all that lark pouring out of it, Leeds has an incredible music scene and this is a pretty cool podcast/zine I stumbled upon which offers free stripped-down-live-acoustic-y tracks, properly DIY recorded in a basement. Each track is then paired with an artist who prepares a work of art inspired by the track. The artwork is presented in the zine and the tracks in the podcast, both of which feature discussions surrounding the making and future of the project. The DIY aspect of it all really appeals to me. The project is called Tapes by the way. Check it out here.


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  1. Inglorious Basterds was wonderful!

    Also, I've found your blog, boy.