Thursday, 3 September 2009

Denmark 'n' that.

Holla! Continuing with the Danish theme following on from the Mimas review, here are a couple more treats for your ears:

Marvin's Revolt (above) are a Danish band who started out playing rather experimental math rock but thankfully, over the course of a couple of albums managed to focus their sound down to a much more accessible hook-laden math-pop, as presented in their most recent effort, Killec. That is to say, 8 tracks of instrumental twists and turns, starts and stops, gang shouts, delicate noodling and distinctly odd catchy pop hooks. They have a new album coming out on the 2nd November and are touring for a while after that. Awesome.
When Saints Go Machine are a Danish electro/techno synth-pop outfit with a terrible name and some wonderful tunes. Once again, obscure lyrics are placed over their experimental sounds and instrumentation. Personally, I find them to be one of the most interesting and arresting bands around. Earlier this year they released a predictably oddly titled debut LP (pictured above), Ten Makes A Face, although this unfortunately appears to only be available in Denmark for the moment.

In other out-dated news from the internetz, Walnut records are having a cheaplike£1analbumcheapandfreeP&P!!! newleaseoflifetypeofsalething over here...

...though I think it ends tomorrow afternoon (hahaha)...

...and have teamed up with punktastic to release another punktastic compilation, Punktastic Un-Scene 5 for FREE here. (Note the awesome artwork).

Finally, Scotland's brilliant and unique Twilight Sad's second album, Forget The Night Ahead, is available to stream over at FatCat Records here.

It sounds awesome. I think you can also stream other releases over there if you're new to the band. The end.

P.S. Also saw American Gangster today. It was much better than I expected, reminded me alot of The Godfather and Catch Me If You Can, both excellent films. Really interesting that it is based on a true story and I thought Denzel Washington was awesome in it aswell.

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