Saturday, 21 August 2010

In Defence of...

1. The Klaxons...who have a new album out in a couple of days (on the 23rd August) entitled 'Surfing the Void' (artwork above) and who are currently getting a lot of shit for various reasons. One of these being that they are not cool to like because they got dragged into the whole NME-SKINS-TOPMAN thing a few years back (see also reactions to Foals' new album) though the backlash on Klaxons has been worse than that on Foals because the Klaxons also got dragged into NME's nu-rave thing which got hyped to death. Like actual death. As in, it is now actually dead.

Another reason is that it has taken them a while (3 years) to come up with a follow up record which sounds pretty similar to the first one and then there is all that stuff about their record label making them scrap an album because it was too experimental and proggy 'n' that Klaxons were all sellouts claiming to have remembered that they were a pop band at heart and so on and so forth.

So, in their much as pitchfork are hyping chillwave at the moment, NME hyped nu-rave. This is no reason to hate a band. Neither is it acceptable to hate a band for taking a while to release a follow-up album (see the Avalanches). Finally, all that shit about finding themselves/selling out can pale into comparison if the music itself is any good and, although I've only heard the couple of tracks floating around the ether, it may well be. Myths of the Near Future was and is a great album so I have high hopes for the follow up even if it is just a Myths of the Near Future Part 2 or B-sides or offcuts. The artwork is also rather awesome.

2. The Drums...who are currently getting a lot of shit because of this sort of stuff...

Anyway, basically getting hate for looking like some kind of Chris Morris parody band. I mean they look like a bunch of hipsters and sing about surfing and that which seems to be a popular topic at the moment. And some people say they sound a bit like the Smiths which obviously really annoys fans of the Smiths. And also they seem to have quite a hefty PR campaign for some reason so some folk feel like their PARODY SURFING SMITHS HIPSTER CHRIS MORRIS NONSENSE IS BEING FORCED INTO THEIR EARS. their defence, they are actually just a band who write harmless indie-pop songs about surfing and shit and who have released an EP and an album, both of which are rather good. Nothing to get so worked up about anyway. They are also touring with Surfer Blood soon who are rather good.

3. Wavves...not actually sure if this man needs defended but thought I'd have a nice trio of defence in this post. And some folk have written some nasty things about the boy. He simply writes fuzzy songs about having a bit of a boring life. Which also happen to be rather awesome. And popular. I even like the new album, which has been cleaned up considerably to the point where the tracks are resembling songs now.

Anyway, yeah.


  1. Really enjoy your rantz, Camelblog. Get another one done, asap. xo.

  2. Richard M Stratton6 November 2010 at 08:55

    Nevertheless, the court finds the defendants (The Drums) guilty of being rubbish.